Help the Apache Wicket team to determine the future of your Wicket based web application development. We have released our third and hopefully final milestone release of our Java 5 based web framework and are anxious to receive feedback on our use of generics.

This release is our final take on how to apply generics to our codebase with restraint. We hope to provide an elegant programming model without having to specify generic parameters everywhere, while still providing type safety when you need it.

A significant change from the earlier Wicket 1.4 milestone versions is that Component is no longer generified. This means that Component and most of its subclasses in Wicket do not take a class-level type parameter. Some Component subclasses remain generified, such as Link, Form, FormComponent, ListView, etc. You can read more details regarding these changes here:

We feel that this might provide a good middle ground between being unable to add typing to IModel on one hand and a proliferation of unneeded typing information on modelless components on the other hand. Your feedback is appreciated!

Download Wicket 1.4-m3 now and help us decide whether to tone down, remove or increase the application of Java 5 generics to our API. We have started the discussion on the user mailing list:

Eager people click here to download the distribution, others can read further:

We thank you for your patience and support.

The Wicket Team