All the long waiting, even the last two weeks will soon be over: I've received confirmation that (disasters notwithstanding) next wednesday, August 13th 2008 the Wicket in Action e-book will become available for download for those that have already bought it.

The Manning team and us have been working slavishly to get Wicket in Action ready for print. Undoubtedly there will be errata, bugs, missing stuff etc. But we did everything we can to ensure the book is delivered to you in the high quality standards that Manning books are known for.

This is a good time to thank the kind and hard working folks of our publishing team:

  • Tiffany Taylor,
  • Elizabeth Martin,
  • Mary Piergies,
  • Dottie Marsico
  • Dennis Dalinnik,
  • Cynthia Kane and
  • Peter Thomas

They've put in an enormous amount of effort, sweat and (I hope not too many) tears to get our book to the printer. Thank you!