I think the script writers in Hollywood are taking notes, because this year's election in the US are just incredible. It feels like a horror movie made by Sam Raimi (I love his Evil Dead trilogy!) where humor, slapstick and horror mash into a brilliant movie.

As an outsider I can't believe what the GOP (Republican Party) was thinking when they picked Sarah Palin as the running mate to McCain. Sure she's better looking than Mrs Clinton (who never got into a final for a beauty pageant I think), but those are not assets you'd want near the Oval office (even Bill Clinton has experienced that).

Every interview with Mrs Palin I've seen on youtube and TV (yes the US elections are a hot topic in the Netherlands as well), can be taken straight out of Monty Python's Flying Circus. In fact, Saturday Night Live actually used a transcript of a Sarah Palin interview in one of their sketches (Tina Fey does a perfect portrayal of Mrs Palin IMO)

Like P. Diddy, I'm scared that this <a href="http://www.vimeo.com/1868008" title=""Talking Points" Caribou Barbie? on Vimeo">Caribou Barbie</a> will be one breath away from becoming the most powerful leader on this planet. Especially in these times with 2 wars, a huge economic crisis, a gargantuan debt, aging, troubles with Iran, Syria, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, etc. These are not the types of issues that a beauty queen has to answer questions about.

Here's a thought: maybe John McCain really doesn't want to win the election, but wants to ensure that Obama will be the next president. That would mean that McCain puts an enormous trust in the intelligence of the citizens of the USA. As he's a proud patriotic citizen I can imagine having such a profound trust in your People. There's just one caveat: these are the same people that voted Bush Jr. into the oval office twice in a row.

Thanks to John Gruber for providing the P. Diddy and Caribou Barby links.