Oracle is a decent product but there are some things I loathe about it. The biggest gripe I have with Oracle, and it is a BIG issue I have with it is the following:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.SQLStateMapping.newSQLException(
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.newSQLException(
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException(
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException(
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException(
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleStatement.getColumnIndex(
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleResultSetImpl.findColumn(
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleResultSet.getString(
    at com.mchange.v2.c3p0.impl.NewProxyResultSet.getString(
    at org.hibernate.type.StringType.get(
    at org.hibernate.type.NullableType.nullSafeGet(
    at org.hibernate.type.NullableType.nullSafeGet(
    at org.hibernate.loader.custom.CustomLoader$ScalarResultColumnProcessor.extract(
    at org.hibernate.loader.custom.CustomLoader$ResultRowProcessor.buildResultRow(
    at org.hibernate.loader.custom.CustomLoader.getResultColumnOrRow(
    at org.hibernate.loader.Loader.getRowFromResultSet(
    at org.hibernate.loader.Loader.doQuery(
    at org.hibernate.loader.Loader.doQueryAndInitializeNonLazyCollections(
    at org.hibernate.loader.Loader.doList(
    ... 46 more

Can someone please put the guy that crafted this error message to the wall and shoot him? If you discover an invalid column name, then TELL me which one that was. Queries can span 100+ column names, and it is neigh impossible to figure out which one is invalid.

And this is not the only place where Oracle really is subpar in its error messages. Any of the invalid identifier messages doesn't provide you with context. A multi-thousand dollar license product that can't give me decent error messages is not worth a penny in my opinion. Oracle should be ashamed of itself and make a public apologie for billions lost revenue of their customers. Now go and stand in the corner!