ApacheCon EU hosts 2 days worth of Wicket training March 23rd and 24th in Amsterdam: Introduction to Wicket and Behavior Driven Development with Wicket and JDave. These trainings will be given by core team members of the Apache Wicket project, giving you access to the experts.

You can pick and choose, but if you want the best experience you should book both courses. On monday I'll be giving an introduction course to Apache Wicket. On tuesday, Timo Rantalaiho will give a course on driving your web application development using Wicket, WebDriver and JDave.

Pricing is available at the ApacheCon website. Book now and get your team up to speed with the best Java web development experience in just two days!

Introduction to Wicket

March 23rd, Martijn Dashorst, full description

Learn how to use Apache Wicket to create web applications on your own from the masters. This hands-on lab will provide a quick introduction to the Wicket framework and we'll start with coding right away. At the basis for this course lies the Wicket in Action book, written by the course leader. We'll start with setting up our project, move on from a simple hello world application to implementing an online cheese store. We'll learn to connect it to services delivered by Spring and a back end served with a JPA provider (Hibernate or OpenJPA). During this course we'll cover the end-to-end basics of web application development: unit testing, writing maintainable code, internationalization, security and deployment.

Behavior-Driving Your Apache Wicket Application: Making the Most of Webdriver and JDave-Wicket

March 24th, Timo Rantalaiho, full description

How to get good unit and black-box test coverage by expressive, executable specifications on your Apache Wicket application code, with JDave BDD framework and WebDriver functional testing tool.The training is mostly hands-on programming assignments of applying WebDriver and jdave-wicket for testing and adding features to a Wicket application.