Eclipse is a great IDE, but the state of subversion support is appalling. Both subclipse and subversive are buggy as hell, and I'd rather not touch either of them with a 10 feet pole.

Installing subversive is a futile exercise in "find all the update sites and correct plugin selection". Subversive also is unable to keep the target/classes directory out of the synchronize view, which makes committing changes rather challenging.

Installing subclipse is much better than installing subversive: just add subclipse's update site and install all plugins. No hunting for external sites, and no chance of installing the wrong stuff (I'm on OS X, so the win32 HL binaries are of no use to me). But again the team synchronize view is borked. This time subclipse won't remove all updated files, double clicking on a folder throws an exception, etc.

I know that GIT is the SCM du jour, but please can someone at take note and finally implement a working, pleasant integration with subversion? Is that so much to ask after 5 years of Subversion availability?