I've been preoccupied lately with the support of a very special personal release. July 7th 2009 our son Liam was born. He is a tiny baby (44cm, 2310 grams at delivery), but growing healthily. As any parent will attest to, it is a lot of hard but rewarding work. Even though Liam is still no programmer—he doesn't (yet) transform coffee into code, he is getting the basics of transforming warm liquids (milk) into other stuff (full diapers).
[caption id="attachment_455" align="alignnone" width="420" caption="Liam sucking on God\'s gift to new parents: the pinky"]Liam sucking on God's gift to new parents: the pinky[/caption]
My wife Diana did a wonderful job giving birth to Liam, and she's now excelling at the toughest job of all: being a full-time mom for a 3 weeks old baby. No sleep (for mommy), no time to wash (for mommy), no time to eat (for mommy), etc.

So if I don't answer your comments, emails or other pings, don't feel offended: I just don't have time to even read your messages because the next diaper needs changing.