When I booked my flight for the London Wicket event I thought to book with vliegtickets.nl as it seemed like a secure website—much more secure than cheapticket.nl, since they have certificate issues in my browsers (safari, firefox). So I received a message (which they forwarded from easyjet) asking me for my passport data, and ... send it through e-mail.

My god! Didn't they learn anything about privacy and security? E-mail goes through several insecure servers in plain text. I wonder what a mobster can do with my date of birth, date issued and document number. Identity theft anyone?

Couldn't they just bother to build a secure page where I can enter the data on their website? When my credit card information is intercepted I'm secured by my bank, but who secures me from identity theft? Ironically, payment is done through a secure webpage... This shows how much this company actually cares about their customers.

We're living in fricking 2009 and it's almost 2010! Is it that hard to build a secure web page that vliegtickets.nl entrust their customers identity to plain e-mail?