With the Java 6 update 22, Apple not only set the internets on fire regarding their deprecation of Java, they also made it very hard for the core Java users on their platform to actually use the old ball and chain: developers, developers, developers.

It is quite hard to discover where the Apple gods decided to land the new goods, so I figured to write everything up in one blog post for posterity (and my own memory—having to go on another google hunt to do these tasks again would kill me).

First you need to download the developer packages from the connect.apple.com website. This requires a free account so just register and promise your first born (as I understand it, no waving of dead chickens is necessary).

You can download the developer package from this location: Apple Java downloads

Install the package and start up your favorite IDE. Now find the settings where you can tell the IDE where to find the Java sources and paste in the following for Java 6 Update 22:


Navigating to that folder using Eclipse is pointless as the .jdk extension signifies a package and Eclipse's navigator doesn't allow "Show package contents".