When trying to release Wicket using the maven-release-plugin I’m often presented with a failed build because Maven couldn’t upload to Apache’s Nexus instance (remote closed the connection). Of course that shouldn’t happen but I’m not holding my breath for a solution anytime soon.

The failed build causes me to have to restart the release from scratch. Now folks have told me previously that I need to run

  • cd target/checkout
  • mvn -rf module deploy

instead of using the release plugin. However, this is not very pragmatic when you have to provide all parameters configured in the build script at the command line, and it goes against all my principles of having an automated build.

So I figured to configure the maven-deploy-plugin to retry uploads, and only upload at the end so I first get test failures and not a half filled staging repository when something goes awry:


Lo and behold, this doesn’t work, because the Maven Deploy Plugin no longer uploads anything during “release:perform”.

So you think: no problem I just run mvn deploy from the checkout and be done with it… Nope. Maven:

  • starts building the artefacts again and
  • testing them again (for the 3rd time) and
  • packaging them again
  • and …

How anyone can actually use this contraption effectively is beyond me. And it appears I’m not the only one.

What now?