One of the issues we have at our company is that build times for our major products take a long time to complete, hindering adoption of non-incremental build IDEs such as Netbeans.

A possible way out is to adopt takari’s incremental build features. This is certainly something we are going to try out in the coming week(s).

From the Takari Lifecycle as a replacement for Maven’s default lifecycle page:

TEAM includes an optimized replacement for the Maven default lifecycle. The Takari Lifecycle Plugin provides you access to a number of significant advantages:

  1. One plugin with a small set of dependencies provides equivalent functionality to five plugins with a large set of transitive dependencies. This reduces the download times to retrieve the needed components as well as the storage space requirements in your repositories.

  2. The configuration for a number of aspects for your build is centralized to one plugin and simplified.

  3. The reduced complexity of the plugins involved in the build, results in higher build performance on the command line and in the IDE.

  4. The build is fully incremental, not only for your source code, but also for your resources, which in turn again speeds up development cycle and build times.

  5. Dedicated IDE support brings the advantages of the lifecyle to your daily development work.